This is a solution that makes a big difference for both the team and the leadership. Since often, the evaluation is not able to measure what is subjective and individual of the employee. Feedback allows him to understand where his gaps are and how he can develop.

Certainly, technology needs to provide agility, efficiency and ease for people management, without, however, disregarding the humanization of the sector and the need for employees to understand their own development path.

Get to know SER HCM

In short, you can already understand that the assertive choice of performance evaluation software is essential for the efficiency of this process, right? And in this choice, it is always good to count on who is an expert in the subject.

SER is a company specialized in the development of technological solutions focused on the strategic management of people, with over 25 years of experience. Therefore, from all this experience and the survey of market needs, SER HCM emerged , a complete tool that offers technological support for your company’s human resources sector.

In addition to automating the processes in this sector, SER HCM also offers data archiving in the cloud and guarantees personalized and customized service to your organizational culture.