Follow in this article tips to choose an efficient performance evaluation software for your HR.Performance appraisal is a critical HR process. Its elaboration and application is essential for companies that focus on strategic people management. After all, it is from its application and measurement of results that several other processes will be impacted.

Certainly, any company can offer a variable compensation program or a career progression plan for its employees, without these being linked to a performance development program.

However, it will be the performance review software that will make these and other processes more transparent. As for employees, performance evaluation tends to make them more engaged in work processes and protagonists of their own development.


The advantages of applying such an assessment are enormous. They range from mapping the talent that the company already has, to providing information to senior leadership that is essential to understand the performance of the business vis-a-vis the market.

However, some companies give up on its application, due to its complexity and the difficulty of elaborating an efficient performance evaluation, in addition to a practical data measurement.In this way, the best way is the talent that the company already has, to the provision of information to the top leadership that is essential to understand the performance of the business vis-à-vis the market.

However, some companies give up on its application, due to its complexity and the difficulty of elaborating an efficient performance evaluation, in addition to a practical data measurement.

In this way, the best way to enjoy all the benefits of performance evaluation is through hiring good HR software . Therefore, in this article we want to help you understand how to choose a performance evaluation software that offers the best benefits of this evaluation, in a practical and intuitive way for your HR.

But why does my company need software?

It may seem like a pretty obvious question, it’s true. But it’s not that obvious.

After all, nothing prevents the performance evaluation from being applied through physical forms and its data also being analyzed manually. This, if your company has a very small number of employees, can even work. And yet it’s not encouraging at all.

The application of this type of assessment manually requires HR time, availability, attention and even then, it runs the risk of going wrong.

Hiring a performance evaluation software brings several advantages. Starting with the elaboration of the evaluation. Usually the software already has some template evaluations. This facilitates the work of the HR professional in choosing a model that makes sense for the organizational culture or even in customizing a model for the company.

In addition, your collaborator can respond online, which shortens the time for collecting information. In this assessment model, he can respond right there, on his workstation, and within minutes. Even if he wants to review his answers and even change them, the software allows him to do so, without the need to reprint forms or deliver forms full of erasures.

Another advantage of using a performance evaluation software is in the measurement of data. Countless paper forms and hours of work leave the scene entering data into spreadsheets for analysis of results.Performance evaluation software is capable of generating complete reports for information analysis, in addition to allowing this information to be stored and consulted whenever necessary.

In other words, hiring a performance evaluation software makes all the difference in the application of this evaluation and in the optimization of HR processes in people management.

But what makes bench marking software good?

The first feature that a good assessment software needs is to allow the aptitudes of its employees to be measured. Of course, this is a basic function, as it is the company’s objective when applying this evaluation model.

The point is that good performance appraisal software needs to do this in a simple, organized and automated way.

Therefore, when choosing a performance evaluation software for your company, you need to consider if its interface is intuitive and simple to use, if the information collected is organized efficiently and if it provides reports in an automated way, saving the time of your HR team.

In addition, the choice of HR software needs to consider the cost reduction with the process. Many companies, when applying this assessment, need to resort to hiring consultants or temporary labor, given the complexity of this process and the time it requires from HR.

Therefore, one way to understand if the implementation of a performance evaluation software will impact on the reduction of costs with these processes is to understand if your own team will have time to focus on strategic activities in the area, even during the evaluation application process. . And that, without hiring consultants or extra manpower.

And how to choose the best tool?

Choosing a performance evaluation software requires, first of all, research. There are numerous options on the market. Finding the best model for your company can be quite simple, just follow our tips!


1- Customization

Well, that’s the first tip. After all, it is not enough to hire the same tool as another company in the same line of business as yours and hope that the result will also be the same.

Each company has its own identity, even operating in the same market as its competitors.Therefore, the first feature that a good performance evaluation software needs is to be customizable. This customization respects your company’s DNA and allows the tool to meet the needs of your team.

In addition, the same software must allow the creation of different assessments of small, medium and high complexity, considering different sectors and professional profiles.

2- Test platform

The best way to attest to the functionality of a performance appraisal software is to request a review. That way, when ordering a test platform, check all the modules that your team will need.

Take the opportunity to evaluate the technical support and carefully observe the supplier’s service model. The best options are those that offer the high touch service model, which guarantee the user experience and full support.

3 – Cloud storage

This is a very important point when choosing a good performance evaluation software. After all, maintaining a server support is expensive and not so secure.

Data stored in the cloud ensure access agility, data security and make the data archive financially less expensive.

4- Integration of data and processes

Although the expectation regarding the software is to facilitate the application and measurement of performance evaluation data, an important point to be considered is whether the chosen solution allows integration with other systems and implementation of other processes.

After all, performance evaluation is linked to other processes in people management such as PDI , succession planning, training and development programs. Therefore, a tool that encompasses other processes, allows greater automation of HR and consequently optimization of the work of this sector.

5 – Offer continuous feedback

Performance appraisal alone cannot be efficient. Involving the team in its results, creating self-responsibility and engagement is only possible through feedback . So, when choosing a benchmarking software , prefer those that offer this functionality.



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