Today, with the increase in the workforce and sectoral diversity, many institutions benefit from performance evaluation systems. For this purpose, especially developed performance evaluation software and various tools are available. Performance evaluation software has many benefits for human resources and employees.

Why should you use performance evaluation software?

The performance evaluation process is a very comprehensive and detailed process. Employees are evaluated regularly and each employee goes through the evaluation phase in line with different qualifications and criteria.

The performance evaluation processes are briefly as follows:

First of all, evaluation criteria and success standards are determined and plans are made.

The performance of the employees is observed.

Communicates frequently with employees.

Goals and performances are compared.

Employees go to the evaluation stage.

Feedback is given to the employee who is evaluated.

As a result of the evaluation, the employees; Rewards such as promotions, bonuses, salary increases and training are offered.You can realize all these factors that make up the process in a more practical and systematic way with the performance evaluation software. Software allows you to shorten the evaluation process by 70%.

0 margin of error

One of the biggest advantages of using performance appraisal software is that it is not possible for performance appraisal software to make mistakes. Processes are long and the risk of error increases in methods that use print or excel. With the systematic performance evaluation software, you can make easier, more efficient and faster performance evaluations.

This software; It is software that helps you review employee performance, simplifying and significantly streamlining the process. Performance evaluation software provides advanced performance evaluation service for managers and their teams by providing fair, fast and advanced reports. It also includes the core component of talent management, the employee review procedure. In this respect, performance evaluation software is quite reliable.

Easy Competency and Goal Measurement

Internal managements can use competency and target-based performance evaluation systems to measure the performance of their employees. In the competency-based performance evaluation method, individual competencies and skills that affect business results are evaluated. The main reason for this measurement is to determine whether there is a decrease in performance in the employees and to provide the necessary training or activity activities to improve this situation.

Competence is formed by the combination of some components. We can briefly list the components of competence as follows:




Superior Performance

Observable Behaviors

With the performance software, both target measurement and competence measurement are quite simple. In addition, it can be easily determined and measured in the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) with the performance evaluation software. In this way, well-designed KPIs give a clear picture of current performance levels and whether the business is where it should be.


Another important advantage of the performance evaluation software is that the evaluation results specific to each employee are not communicated to the employees. Employees do not know who evaluates them and what kind of scoring they use, so that there are no problems in communication between internal employees.

Performance evaluation software has advanced individual and collective reporting features. These reports help you to interpret and review the whole process in detail. The sections of the individual performance evaluation report are as follows:

Introductory Part: In the introductory part, there are explanations about what the competencies, skills and goals are.

Overall Evaluation Scores: This section includes the results of competency and goal-based evaluations.

Resource Based Competency Scores: The purpose of this section is to create self-awareness in the employee. The average scores determined by the employee and other sources can be seen in this section.

Detailed Competency Scores: The average scores given by the resources to the behavioral indicators under each competency are displayed.

Comments: Comments on behavior indicators or questions are displayed.

Opinions: This is the section where there are opinions about the evaluated employee.

Development and Career Plan: This is the section where the results of the development and career plan are displayed.

Feedback: It is an empty field that can be written during one-on-one feedback with the employee.

Objective Results

With the  software, impartial, fair and objective results can be obtained. The reports that measure the objectiveness of the participants developed by Pusula360 software in order to obtain objective and accurate results are as follows:

Cross Question Report

Response Repetition Rates Report

Evaluation Period Report

The software developed for objective results provides many conveniences. For example, you can edit the minimum rates that should be in these rates from the response repeat rates filter settings.


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