Human Resources software can’t just help you better invest your time and avoid administrative tasks. It is also possible to manage the productivity of your employees through a performance evaluation program.Below, we detail everything that is possible to obtain from HR with software such as Factorial:

Adapting The Performance Model To Your Company

Not all companies are the same, so not all ways of doing business performance management should be the same.

The advantage of using the software is that you can customize the performance evaluation program by adapting it to your company’s needs and with the option of applying the method you like the most: self-assessments, 360º assessments, etc.

If you want to start a benchmark quickly, you can use the examples that are pre-determined in the platform or customize the questions and ask your own .

Manage Your Employees’ Performance Automatically

Through the same software, you can determine who will be evaluated, who will be your supervisor, your managers and your colleagues. From here, an automatic message will be sent to all participants to fill in the assessments directly from the same program.

Review assessments in the same Human Resources program

The best thing about Factorial’s performance evaluation software is that everything is available in the same place. Thus, you will be able to review the assessments, from their draft version to their finalization, from the same program with which you manage Human Resources employees.

Get custom reports

After each action, you must measure the data . Therefore, once the assessments are completed, the software creates customized automatic reports .

It is possible to group the data by office or by the different teams that make up your company. With the data in hand, you will have more arguments to be able to make decisions and understand if the goals set are being achieved.

Reasons to digitize employee management with software

We often wonder how we can measure employee productivity , but we don’t always use the right tools to find out.

The evaluation of work performance can be done in three different ways:

1 – Paper templates with questions

2 – Forms created with text editors or spreadsheets

3 – Automated software with customizable forms

When we manage a company with many workers or we want to speed up HR tasks, the most comfortable thing is to use a software that allows automating all the tasks .

Next, we will see the reasons why you should opt for employee management software:

Less mistakes

With an evaluation software we will minimize the mistakes that can be made when using an Excel template or a sheet of paper . All data that appears will be the answers entered by the assessment team.

Greater security

With software it is possible to keep the evaluations safely, without fear that someone unauthorized can consult them . With paper forms or files such as Excel spreadsheets, we cannot guarantee the same privacy.

Greater transparency

When we process data manually, we can never be 100% sure of the information, but if we do it with computer software, we can trust its veracity.

Always up-to-date information

As we mentioned earlier, the evaluations will always be available for consultation, from their preliminary version to when they are finalized.

Availability on any device

Whether we are telecommuting or on a business trip, we can have our employees’ information, such as reviews, from any device and whenever we want. This is because all information is stored in the cloud and is not kept locally on a computer.

Best organization

Performance appraisal is a laborious task, in which we spend many hours and which involves many people. Therefore, it is best to have help so that we don’t get lost and to ease the way through the software.

Monitor and track processes

Having HR software is very comfortable because we don’t need to manually track processes or schedule review dates. Just open the program and check how each process is going in real time .

Indicators for evaluating performance or KPI

To carry out a good performance evaluation, indicators or KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are needed, as they focus on how tasks are carried out and measure their performance to know if the objectives are being achieved.

So, let’s look at the different types of performance indicators that we can have:

 Efficiency indicators: it is the result of the work carried out taking into account the resources used.

 Quality indicators: here the useful result obtained in terms of hours worked is considered.

 Efficiency indicators: it is the relationship between the results obtained and the desired ones.

 Productivity indicators: measure how many tasks an employee performed during a given time in relation to another worker.

 Capacity Indicators: These present the amount of tasks that can be accomplished and the time for this to occur. For example, a designer might create 10 pieces a week.

 Profit indicators: they indicate what benefits the company can obtain from the tasks performed. If it is possible to know how long it takes to complete a task, then you can ask the client for more money as it will justify the hours that this work involves.

Profitability indicators: they are the relationship established between the profits that a company obtains and the investment made.


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